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Board of Directors position opening

Hello to our amazing and growing support family! The team at Kaylee's Kamp Foundation hopes everyone is doing well this season! We have been working away to gear up for our first year of scholarship distributions, which is super exciting!

This email blast is coming to let you know that we have a new vacancy to fill on our Board of Directors. The position of Treasurer has come available and we are looking for someone interested in helping to support our mission and vision for a term lasting until 2025.

The position of Treasurer does not require CPA or financing experience, as everything you will need to know can be learned through training from the team. Our desire is to find the right candidate to fill the position regardless of non-profit experience as well. This position can be based locally or virtually. You do not have to be local to be considered, and travel will not be a requirement of the position.

Please click the link below to view the position posting. Please email us at if you, or someone you know, are interested in being a part of the magic we are creating for youth across the United States. Thank you for being such amazing supporters of us!

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