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Keeping Memories Alive

There are some people in our lives that make such an impact it can never be matched. Our Memorial Scholarship Program is dedicated to those within the LGBTQ+ community who have made a difference in the lives of those around them prior to their passing.


Memorial Scholarships are a way for families and friends to keep the memories of a loved one alive while supporting new memories for a camper in their honor each year.

If you are interested in honoring a loved one with a Memorial Scholarship please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the process with you.



The Memorial Scholarships below are built in honor of those we have loved and lost. The desire is for each scholarship to renew annually so that the memories of our loved ones continue to make an impact long after they have passed.


Each scholarship recipient will be given a picture and story behind the person whose memory enabled them to attend camp.




May 10 1983 - February 1 2022

On the evening of February 1, 2022, humanity lost one of its most exquisite members: Devin Grant Tyler. After fighting bravely, with his unwaveringly positive attitude, against brain cancer, he found rest in his home in Dallas, TX surrounded by his closest family and friends - a rest that, at the age of 38, came way too soon. 

The loss of his presence will be deeply felt in the lives of so many: his parents Judy and Glenn, his older brother Wade and his wife Melinda. Uncle Devin meant the world to Makenna, Carlee and Jonathen. He was cared for lovingly until the end by his partner of nearly 2 years, Brad, and his adopted little sister and roommate Victoria.

However, anybody who was lucky enough to be part of his life knows that Devin’s family was much, much larger than that. He didn’t limit family to blood relation; he knew that you absolutely can choose your own family - and so he did. Once you were a friend, you were family. Period. 

Devin had many diverse passions in life. His love for music and the clarinet started in high school, and it led him to pursue a degree in music business at West Texas A&M. While he continued to be part of many band and orchestra ensembles, he excelled in his career as an automotive advisor, combining his love for cars and interacting with people. 

He lived his life unapologetically about who he was and what he loved. He was the kind of guy who giggled like a little boy at the sound of his car’s engine revving; who loved both Star Wars and Star Trek equally; who would get caught up in a British show about baking so much that it would trigger his thickest English accent; who would be enthusiastically up for anything: Skydiving? Sure! Travel to Europe to pick up a friend’s car? Sure! Laugh up a storm about the silliest thing? Sure! 

Devin was more than just a friend to so many people - he was an inspiration, a relentless motivator, cheerleader and advocate for living one’s truest life and smiling every day. He treated others the way he wanted to be treated, and always showed them grace and respect. It simply was his default setting. Devin saw the best in people and did whatever he could to bring it out in them so they themselves could see it as well. His existence made the universe a better place, and this is the greatest gift he left behind to all of us. 

He may not have gotten the opportunity to live a long life but it was a very fulfilled life nonetheless - because he made sure of it, every single day. 

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