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Scholarships & Partnerships

Are you a camp that is interested in partnering with us for scholarships?  

Or are you a camper interested in a scholarship?  

This page is for you!

Partnership Camps

Are you an LGBTQ+ focused summer camp?  If so, we would love to discuss our Partnership Program with you!  Please reach out to our Executive Director to book a virtual meeting together:

If you are not an LGBTQ+ focused camp, but have made efforts to become more inclusive with your programing, we would love to learn more about your program and possibly include you in our Resources page.  Please reach out to us so we can learn more about your camp programs.


Camper Scholarships

Are you a camper who is interested in obtaining a scholarship to one of our Partnership Camps?  

Each of our Partnership Camps will need you to follow their financial aid process, and they will then send you one of our Scholarship Applications.  The application will be forwarded to us for review.  It is important to fill the application form out completely.

Scholarships are not guaranteed to fulfill the entire cost of your tuition.  However, we hope it will lift some of the financial burden.

We receive many applications each year, and funds are not guaranteed.  They are subject to review and available funds each camp season.

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